About WorkEcology


WorkEcology is a tipping point dedicated to learning how people, companies and society can value in constructing work that matters that draws from the talents and needs of a wide reaching social network representing multi-expert workers and a multicultural market place that can be private or public.  WorkEcology advises its members on how to
  • construct road maps of understanding between core groups and social networks to build learning and leadership for change;
  • foster dialogues among stakeholders by identifying key values for any strategy that have shareholder and societal impact;
  • study and report on cultures of change that reward people through pay for performance programs;
  • factor in sustainable approaches to the health, education and sustainability of the workforce no matter the sector.

Members of WorkEcology are drawn from the public and private sectors.  The people who join WorkEcology are culturally creative people who wish to work well to live well by approaching life from the lifestyle of sustainability and health.