The Foundations of Portfolio Work

is now a published curriculum for university classrooms and consulting practices. The curriculum is an excellent way to prepare college graduates for a career transition or to offer to employees within a company where innovations are sparked in network and not driven by hierachy. This course can be conducted in a classroom or be offered as self-study modules over the web. The course helps any individual to author an accurate story describing their talent and accomplishments so they can work more effectively in network, where job responsibilities emerge out of processes of change and innovation. Individuals participate in this program will learn how to more effectively describe themselves, what they value and what learning and expertise they bring to any group they work with. The program introduces you to a system of thought that is fundamental to understanding pay-for-performance strategies and practical knowledge fundamental to participating in a pay-for-performance culture.

This program draws from social network & value network analysis, core group theory and research on high performance companies, who invite everyone that they employ to participate in a highly engaged culture that invites ordinary people to join with others a practice of best performance. Portfolio Workers know how to work with others and share their success. They do not rely on the right circumstance to show up; they create the best scenario in which everyone can do good work.

Portfolio Workers use their expertise and past accomplishments to leverage learning in high performance work environments with others. Portfolio Workers do not wait for bosses to change, for companies to author new business strategies or for the right circumstance and compensation program to motivate them to work.

This program is the foundation program for all programs, consulting and coaching offered by anyone associated with WorkEcology.

Learn more about the theoretical basis for this program by reviewing these resources

For further details about this program, customized programs at a location of your choice or to register, contact coregroup ampersand

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Upcoming Events from Verna Allee's Value Network

At this web site find the schedule for public keynotes and workshops for introduction and certification in ValueNetworks(tm)


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Minding Your Networks with Dr. Karen Stephenson

Listen to this live-web broadcast Friday at 4 PM, (est).

Learn more about the DNA of culture and how it effects you and your organization. As an anthropologist of corporate networks, Karen will provide you insights and stories drawn from her experience on how to map conditions of trust and measure value in network.

Call in Live at 1-866-233-7861


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Learn more about Case Western's Center for Business as an Agent of World Benefit

and October 23-25, 2006 Global World Forum

Chris Laslzo, A WorkEcology Thought Leader is one of the founding partners of this Center.




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